Snowie NW Missouri is a Premium Shaved Ice Trailer bringing a fun, and delicious treat to you! Our engineered ice shaver produces melt-in-your mouth ice that you get to cover with as many of our tasty flavors as you’d like!

How It All Started

Having 4 young boys we regularly enjoyed frozen treats. In fact, we loved shaved ice. One day back in 2017 while talking to my fantastic wife, I looked at her and said “let’s do it, let’s open our own shaved ice business.” Reluctantly she agreed and I began looking for a company that we could partner with that would help this idea become a reality. I found Snowie and knew that their products and equipment were exactly what I needed to make my business unique and successful. After that we went through all the steps to start our business and finally at the end of June we were given the green light and purchased the trailer. We are now open for business! We love getting every chance we can to attend our local events and see all those smiling faces.

Contact Us

 Find us set up around town or book us for your event. Click below to contact us for event pricing.